Superman Ride of Steel Darien Lake 04

Ride of Steel

Mega Coaster


1646meters maximum Length
118km/h maximum Speed
1100pp/h maximum Capacity
63meters maximum Height

Mega Coaster


The unique Mega Coaster belongs to the family of ultra-high coasters and has become one of the top-rated rides in the world. With lift heights between 45 and 90 meters, the train speeds up to 135 km/h. The layouts of the ride are designed for maximum so-called “air-time” (when the passengers get that heart in the mouth feeling as they go up over the humps) with straight-line ups and downs, fast carousels and sharp almost vertical drops. No loops or upside downs figures are used since the sheer height and speed of the coasters are sufficient to provide a ride to remember; therefore, open design trains with lap bars but no over the shoulder harness can be used to further enhancing the thrill experience. As a result of the extreme height and speed, coaster technology applied has to be at its most advanced for the track fabrication procedures, train design, lift transportation as well as for the braking system.



Superman Ride of Steel Darien Lake 05



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