Water Coaster


687meters maximum Length
101km/h maximum Speed
840pph maximum Capacity
50meters maximum Height

Water Coaster

Water Coaster

With its Water Coaster, which at the time of its introduction already claimed two world records namely for the world’s highest and fastest Water Coaster, Intamin has again raised the bar.

The Water Coaster is an attraction combining some of the thrills of a roller coaster with those of a water ride and is the result of Intamin’s leadership in both ride segments for several decades now. This ride is of enormous value to any park due to its popularity with adults and children alike.

Despite the impressive numbers, Intamin’s Water Coaster is suitable for riders of all ages, as the newly designed 10-passenger boats are equipped with individual adjustable lap bar restraint systems. Thanks to the new swiveling system positioned in the center of the boat chassis, the front wheel bogies can travel at a different angle to the rear wheel bogies, introducing a new level of curves, banking and change of directions never achieved before on a water coaster.

With its impressive features such as a high speed vertical lift with a double platform system for high capacity, a 45° drop, a top speed of more than 100 km/h, water spray, humps with a hint of air time, high banked curves and the classic final ‘splash’, Intamin’s Water Coaster guarantees for a lot of fun and excitement.

The lift height, the length and layout of the floating sections as well as the coaster section can be adapted to each individual customer’s needs.





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