Storm Runner

Highspeed Accelerator


793meters maximum Length
121km/h maximum Speed
1200pph maximum Capacity
46meters maximum Height

Highspeed Accelerator


The Highspeed Accelerator belongs to the family of a new generation coaster type. Especially the exceptional acceleration, which is faster than a race car, makes this attraction so unique and extremely popular. Following the success of the latest generation of Launch Coasters, including ‘Best New Product‘ from IAAPA, and the World Record in Speed (240 km/h – Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi) Intamin has been able to adapt the technology to a number of special needs dictated by space availability as well as budgets.

The Highspeed Accelerators are designed with a view to providing an absolutely unique ride experience using an explosive high acceleration and exciting elements such as massive drops, airtime humps, airtime S-curves and high-speed changes of direction. The vehicles are designed so that guests are comfortable and held in the correct way for the high acceleration that they will experience. The train, engaged to the catapult catch car, is accelerated from a standing start to 100 km/h in a bit over 3 seconds. The hydraulic launch guarantees an exceptional acceleration sensation reaching an outstanding 1.8 G.

Only Intamin’s launch system can guarantee this tremendous and at the same time smooth acceleration. The combination of the thrilling elements either an eye catching heart stopping vertical tower with high speed vertical drops (up to 138 m – World’s tallest Roller Coaster) or a fast snaking low level ride guarantees a smooth and at the same time exciting ride experience. Magnetic (patented) brakes will reduce train’s speed and by the means of friction wheels, the train will be moved back to the station. In order to achieve such height and speed, Intamin uses the latest and most advanced technology for the track fabrication procedures, train design, as well as for the braking system.





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