The Giant Drop

Giant Drop 8


119meters maximum Height
135km/h maximum Speed
8people per vehicle
550pph maximum Capacity

Giant Drop

Giant Drop

Since the Giant Drop was launched onto the market, it has proved itself to be one of the most successful rides ever!

After the vehicles are loaded, the guests are hoisted quickly to the top of the tower, reaching speeds of up to 5 meters per second before being brought to a complete stop. Here the guests are allowed to take in the view as they await a breathtaking surprise. Suddenly, they plummet in freefall back down to earth. The incredibly smooth braking is made possible by Intamin’s revolutionary patented magnetic braking system.

Another unique feature is the independent use of the “Drops” in each section, since each vehicle represents a self-contained ride. This option allows you to save on operation staff and power in times of lower attendance. Each seat has an over-the-shoulder restraint, which is covered in polyurethane and moulded to form an elegant and robust unit with the seat itself. By using a minimum of space, this ride provides a vertical statement that makes the park stand out for miles around.
Using an inventive design approach, Intamin has developed the concept of a Multi Drop Ride offering up to four different ride alternatives all on one structure! This enables the parks to provide a number of different ride sensations and combinations, multiplying the thrills without consuming the space. The vehicles can be upgraded from standard sitting to standing. It can also be floorless as well as tilting. The 4-passenger vehicles can be ‘standard’, ‘sit down & tilt’, ‘floorless & tilt’ and ‘stand-up & tilt’. In many cases, customers also start with two types of drops, adding more later and thus enabling a re-launch and marketing hit. Available in various heights, according to the needs, the system can be set up inside buildings, such as shopping centers, or FEC’s, as a Dark Ride, on the outside of an existing structure, or inside steel or concrete towers.





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