Family Coaster - Spinning Coaster


342meters maximum Length
51km/h maximum Speed
480pph maximum Capacity
12meters maximum Height

Family Coaster - Spinning Coaster

Spinning Coaster
The dynamic Family Coaster

The Spinning Coaster from Intamin is a family thrill type coaster that will leave riders spinning with delight. This coaster – especially due to the slightly inclined passenger position towards the outside – takes the whole ride experience to a new level as it adds a whole new twist to the traditional roller coaster experience of lifts, drops and turns. Also available with back-to-back seats, the experience brings another thrilling effect. In this configuration, the passengers, facing outwards and successively going forward and backward, will be completely disoriented once brought back to the station.

The Spinning Coaster layouts are ideal for tight space requirements. The result is an extraordinary roller coaster ride with the highest point being up to 16 meters and a track length of approximately 350 meters, and all this on a reasonably small footprint. The ride, consisting in a vehicle conveyed up the lift, then running and spinning by gravity through drops, hills, and nicely overbanked curves, allows passengers to experience the Intamin’s coasters famous airtime along a smooth and dynamic ride.

Each vehicle is equipped with four individual seats; either two passengers facing the opposite two, or in a back-to-back seat arrangement. In both cases, the latest technology in design is used to achieve an innovative thrilling experience and create a highly dynamic Spinning Coaster.





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