Tower of Terror II

Reverse Free Fall Coaster


295meters maximum Length
160km/h maximum Speed
800pph maximum Capacity
110meters maximum Height

Reverse Free Fall Coaster

Reverse Free Fall Coaster

The first Reverse Free Fall Coaster, designed and built by Intamin in the late 1990s, was the first ride in the world to break the 160 km/h barrier and also the highest roller coaster in the world. Even now, it is still ranked as the world’s 4th highest roller coaster.
The Reverse Free Fall Coaster consists of one horizontal straight track spur, which turns vertically up at the end. The spur is holding one train, which is being moved forward and backwards per each ride.
Available with two different types of vehicles. Either a state-of-the-art train holding 16 passengers sitting next to the track in combination with a back-to-back seat arrangement, or a modern vehicle of 14 seats, launched backwards, in a three per four and one per two seat arrangement. Provided with a redundant over-head lap-bar restraint system, the shape of the seats and the restraint system used are specially developed to comfortably accommodate the special characteristics of this ride.

The vehicle launches directly out of the station accelerated up to 160 km/h. The acceleration and propulsion of the train is executed by a latest generation of track mounted powerful Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) ensuring a much higher level of efficiency than previously possible. Travelling along the track, the train shoots straight up towards the top of the tower, over 100 meters, and stay in a basically weightless stage for a few seconds – an absolute unique and exciting experience – before going back, reaching a speed close to the launch and being decelerated and positioned in the station by the same Linear Synchronous Motor.

Not only the sensation of high acceleration will guarantee the huge success of this roller coaster, it is also the combination of weightlessness and the experience of a free fall, which makes this ride so unique and attractive.

To enhance the thrilling power, the Reverse Free Fall Coaster can be attached to a Giant Drop Tower. Combining the two structures gives the riders a chance to choose between a Free Fall experience or a Free Fall with acceleration.





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