Ultra Tower

Multi Drop Tower | Immersive Simulator


1440pph maximum Capacity
36meters total Height

Ultra Tower

Ultra Tower

The Ultra Tower Show Experience is a ground-breaking immersive attraction that brings the best in immersive media motion simulator experiences together with the white-knuckle thrills of a multi-drop tower. 

The ULTRA TOWER is a signature immersive attraction that combines programmable 6-DOF motion bases, a variable speed drop tower, and immersive media in motion picture quality to create an out-of-this world guest experience and all this on a small-footprint. A wide range of options, including 4D in-vehicle effects, 3D media, and randomized ride narratives, make the ULTRA TOWER a complete solution ready to become an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind ride experience.

The ULTRA TOWER combines the following unique ride features:

  • 6-DOF motion simulator base
  • Variable speed, programmable drop tower capable of high-G ascent and negative-G weightless descent 
  • Media silo and media screen
  • High definition moving projectors synchronized with ride vehicle movement

The ULTRA TOWER, which can be equipped with up to four (4) platforms, each seating 24 passengers, represents an elegant solution for clients seeking a world-class, high capacity attraction that is cost-effective, space efficient, and endlessly customizable—without sacrificing “Wow Factor”. The ride system provides a sophisticated platform for a wide range of theming, storytelling possibilities, and branding experiences.

Intamin builds the Ultra Tower Show Experience in collaboration with Raven Sun Creative and an extended team of top industry players.


Ultra Tower Video


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