Viking River Splash

Rapids Ride


438meters minimum Length
3meters/second waterflow speed
9people per Boat
1012pph minimum Capacity

Rapids Ride

Rapids Ride 6/9
The world´s most popular family water ride

Invented by Intamin in 1979, the Rapids Ride has proved to be the world’s favorite family ride. Every year millions of people experience the fun and thrill of an Intamin Rapids Ride. Working with clients to ensure that each and every Rapids Ride built is exactly what the owner wants, no two rides have ever been the same. Layout, capacity and ride effect are all carefully planned with the customer to ensure that each Rapids Ride meets or exceeds the expectation of the guests, taking climate, culture and decoration into account.
Robust, reliable and safe – built to withstand the most arduous conditions of climate and environment, all parts are supplied to the highest standard. Components are chosen for their reliability and maintainability. Rafts are supplied with hard wearing bumpers capable of a working life in excess of fifteen years in some instances, each bumper (flotation collar) is built with multiple chambers for safe operation even in the unlikely event of rupture of some chambers. Wear rings enable maintenance to ensure a long life.

By offering a large variety of standard elements, which can be mixed together to provide each ride with a different adventure, Intamin’s flexible approach gives every park a unique and popular attraction.




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