Suspended Coaster


840meters maximum Length
113km/h maximum Speed
pph maximum Capacity
47meters maximum Height

Suspended Coaster


The design intention is for a smooth but exciting ride with subtle changes of directions and with a number of close to ground passages to create a sense of speed. Special care has been taken the ride being suitable for a wide range of attendants due to its smooth transitions between different ride elements. Starting at the station the coaster’s main features are a big dip-drop subsequent to the lift climb, a vertical loop, an impressive “cobra”, one spiral heart-roll with counter clockwise rotation, a high-G 360° horizontal carrousel leading into a spiral heart-roll with clockwise rotation in front of the final curves leading into the brake.
The main feature of this Roller Coaster is the suspended train. The lift structure with the train suspended thereto will be visible from many places inside the park area acting as a magnet seducing guests to give it a “GO”. Since the track is above them, the riders will experience a flying and freedom sensation with their feet dangling and without being able to guess what figure is coming next.





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