Wave Runner

Aqua Trax / Desert Trax


670meters maximum Length
95km/h maximum Speed
1050pph maximum Capacity
18meters maximum Height

Family Drop Coaster

Aqua Trax
The Roller Coaster with water features

Intamin once again has come up with a new and exciting ride. The Aqua Trax is a family thrill type roller coaster featuring water effects and elements.

Recent developments in the design of roller coasters has enabled Intamin to use the latest vehicle design and technology to provide a state of the art ride vehicle. Central to this concept being the revolutionary new vehicle, it is designed so that the guests will sit astride, like on a motor cycle or a jet ski rather than «inside» a boat usually seen in a ride featuring water. It uses a new restraint system over the laps, allowing freedom for riders’ upper body. In this way, they will feel much more part of the ride and not just a passive spectator. Furthermore, the seating is staggered in height.

The Aqua Trax incorporates typical design elements of a roller coaster and of a water jet ski. The vehicles and its 8 passengers will be catapulted by the latest Linear Motor propulsion system at up to 95 km/h.

The high acceleration rates create a sensational acceleration feeling, however not exceeding any comfortable level. The track layout features a series of steep down chutes, twists and turns, airtime hills, spirals, sudden drops, and bunny humps able to recreate the effect of a fast aqua racer while being on a roller coaster track. The roller coaster elements can be covered by water fountains making them look like waves.





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