Wicked Twister

Impulse Coaster


210meters maximum Length
116km/h maximum Speed
1210pph maximum Capacity
66meters maximum Height

Impulse Coaster

Impulse Coaster – FLY RIDER

Following the success of the several Impulse Coaster rides in their various forms, it was a natural progression to look to the sea for inspiration. The result is an amazing new shape of the track made possible through on Intamin’s latest development in track technology in combination with a completely new seat arrangement for the train.
Another huge advantage of this Roller Coaster is its very little space requirement. Since space is becoming an ever-increasing issue for many parks, this ride responds to the challenge and provides a top thrill coaster experience at a considerably small footprint.
The Impulse Coaster Top-Side – also called Fly Rider – features a combination of different ride experiences, which in this format have never been combined. Not only the sensation of high acceleration will guarantee the success of this Roller Coaster. It is also the combination of weightlessness and the experience of free fall, which make this ride so unique and attractive. To add to all of this the guests are suspended outside the rail/track and hang on each side of the track – and this back-to-back – allowing for the maximum freedom possible since there is nothing below them. This Roller Coaster is designed to give the riders an absolutely unique experience.
This new ride uses the latest generation of Synchronous Linear Motors (LSM) ensuring a much higher level of efficiency than previously possible. The result is an ultimate free fall experience in combination of racing/accelerating through the bottom of the overhanging U-shaped track assembly, which is aimed at recreating the unusual combination of sensations.
The ride consists of one train of very open design holding up to 32 passengers. It is first accelerated out of the station and then moves part way up the first section of the ‘bended tower’ before changing the moving direction – and reaccelerating backwards, racing through the station area and moving upwards again the other ‘bended tower’ – higher and higher. Both ends of the track terminate in towers slightly curled over. Between the towers is a long, straight section, which includes the load and unload area as well as the linear motor propulsion system.
This guarantees the most economic space utilization together with the most powerful linear drive system available today.





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