Spillwater 20

480meters maximum Length
75km/h maximum Speed
20people per Boat
1060pph maximum Capacity
15meters maximum Height


Spillwater 12/15/20
Shoot-the-Chute – with straight or vertical lift

Nothing draws the crowds like Intamin’s Spillwater ride. After a gentle boat ride providing guests with an experience designed according to a show designer’s requirements, the boats carrying 12, 15 or 20 passengers suddenly descend a wild and exciting down ramp, sending spray and waves in all directions. Intamin’s ability to create interesting layouts incorporating more than one down chute along with show features, rockwork and special effects makes this ride popular with all ages.
At the top of the lift, the boat is released into a wide, curving trough where it runs on large wheels. Bubbling and gurgling show water, pumped into the trough, creates the illusion that the boat is floating.





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