River Safari

Slow Boat Ride


625meters maximum Length
3m/s average speed
15people per Boat
2000pph maximum Capacity

Slow Boat Ride

Slow Boat Ride 

Intamin has developed the Slow Boat Ride, resulting in a floating family boat ride, whereas the passengers of all ages can experience an enjoyable journey through the winding channel at considerably low speed and observe exhibits and/or shows on both sides.
The Slow Boat Ride is an attractive and relaxing boat ride but it can also be used as an efficient and attractive transportation system.

Inside the trough, the boats are free floating and are moved by the current and flow of the water at an average speed of approx. 0.8 m/sec. Boats are available for either 8 or 15 passengers.
Layouts are flexible according to park’s requirements. Special features can be incorporated, such as small drops – with a difference in elevation of not more than two meters – to enhance the discovery adventure




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