Rainforest Drop Tower - Parachute Tower

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Rainforest Drop Tower – Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Two enchanting Intamin PARACHUTE TOWERS named “RAINFOREST DROP TOWER” have successfully opened at ZHUHAI CHIMELONG OCEAN KINGDOM just in time for the Golden Week.

With the opening of Ocean Kingdoms new Rainforest Drop Tower Zone, the new home of the two PARACHUTE TOWERS, guests of all ages can explore the secrets of the tropical rainforest in a unique way.

The steel tubular structures of the PARACHUTE TOWERS are shaped like two tall trees with dazzling blooming flowers, one of which is 25 meter high. The other one is 40 meter high, where riders can see the most part of Ocean Kingdom from the bird’s eye view. A supporting structure holds six parachutes on each tower, seating 6 passengers in a back to back position.

Riding the Rainforest Drop Tower, passengers will be able to experience the high-speed ups and downs as an adventurer, plunging into the tropical rainforest and moving at different speeds just according to park’s requirements.

At night time, the extensive lightning package illuminates the colorful canopy and flowers.

Also worth mentioning is the noiseless operation and the little ground space requirement. This allows the Parachute Tower to fit in parks facing the ever-increasing noise and space issues.

Thank you to Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom for the outstanding cooperation.

25meters total height of Tower 1
40meters total height of Tower 2
6capacity per vehicle
100percent of fun

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