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Red Force – Ferrari Land, Portaventura

In April 2017, PortAventura World opened its new theme park named Ferrari Land. Intamin is honored, being part of the new authentic Ferrari Land experience with the iconic attraction and record breaking LSM LAUNCH COASTER named “RED FORCE”.

Looking at Ferrari World in PortAventura there is one thing not to miss, the “Prancing Horse” (Ferrari Logo) protruding from the tower of RED FORCE. Without a doubt, RED FORCE has already made its mark in the park as its svelte form is visible from several kilometers away and has become an integral part of PortAventura World’s skyline.

RED FORCE allows the guests to experience the full range of Formula One sensations on this spectacular roller coaster. The RED FORCE experience starts at the acceleration station, a real recreation of a Formula One pit stop. Intamin’s exceptional LSM drive system, which is the most powerful available on the market, catapults the train to a thrilling speed of 180km/h in less than 5 seconds. This acceleration is equivalent to 1.35g, making it a veritable experience for racing fans and speed lovers. At the end of the launch track, riders are pushed back into their seat feeling the tremendous momentum of 4.8g before zooming up the 112 meter high tower. On top of the tower, riders hold their breath prior to dropping back down at a 90° angle, picking up full speed again, before hitting the brakes and moving back to the station. The three Ferrari Formula One look alike trains, painted in the exclusive Ferrari Rosso Corsa racing red, offer an hourly capacity of 1’200 passenger.

With its height and speed this attraction is Europe’s unrivaled HIGHEST and FASTEST roller coaster.

Intamin is proud of having contributed to the success of Ferrari Land at PortAventura World and thanks the entire team for the outstanding cooperation.

112meters track height
140meters horizontal launch track
180km/h maximum speed
5seconds to reach maximum speed

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