Soaring with Dragon

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Soaring with Dragon – Wanda Hefei

At end of September 2016, Intamin’s newest LSM Launch Coaster, named “Soaring with Dragon”, opened at Hefei Wanda Cultural Tourism City as the park’s signature attraction.

One of the unique features of this LSM Launch Coaster is a ‘Swing Launch’. Utilizing Intamin’s most powerful LSM drive system, the trains are first launched forwards into the first part of the loop, then launched backwards reaching the 60 meters high vertical tower, along which the riders experience weightlessness and finally launched forwards again. After this “Swing Launch” the trains pass through the – world’s highest – non inverted loop with a height of 57 meters. Out of the loop, the trains reach their maximum speed of approx. 125 km/h followed by a series of elements specifically designed to make this roller coaster and its experience most unique. Along a 1048 meter long track, the trains pass through a dive loop, an overbanked curve, a S-curve, a S-hump, banked curves and several airtime elements. Another distinctive element is the fact that the physical track length is 1048 meters, whereas the actual traveled distance is 1278 meters, which is a result of the “Swing Launch”. This unique element has never been featured before on a traditional coaster and Intamin once again introduced a new and successful element for coasters.

This LSM Launch Coaster is not only highly innovative in terms of layout and ride experience but also of technology. Besides the integrated water cooling system for the LSM drives, this coaster features Intamin’s newest trains with elevated seats, an all new restraint system ensuring highest safety and maximum comfort for the passengers. Together with the superb track quality all this results in an exciting and extremely smooth experience.

Intamin is proud of having contributed to the success of Hefei Wanda Cultural Tourism City.

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