Taiga - LSM Double Launch Coaster

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Taiga – Linnanmäki, Finland

On the 18th of June 2019, Linnanmäki in Finland successfully opened their key attraction and biggest project ever named “TAIGA”, the fastest LSM DOUBLE LAUNCH COASTER on the northern hemisphere respectively in Scandinavia.

Linnanmäki is Finland’s oldest and most popular amusement park, located in the Alppila quarter of Helsinki.

TAIGA is a completely unique coaster, customized to fit the challenging terrain in between different rides and buildings. The track of TAIGA passes four other rides of the park and the 52meter top hat can be seen from across the city of Helsinki.

This highly thrilling LSM DOUBLE LAUNCH COASTER, is more than 1000 meters long and reaches a top speed of about 106 km/h featuring a total of four inversions. TAIGA is full of surprises and riders will have no time to take a breath while whizzing through this stunning layout guaranteeing more than enough adrenaline. With two launches, a number of weightlessness moments, gripping elements and electrifying turns, this coaster can be described as a coaster enthusiast’s dream.

The two brightly colored eagle themed look alike trains, seating 16 passengers each, offer a very high comfort for the passengers and an hourly capacity of 860 passengers.

Intamin is proud of having contributed once again to the success of Linnanmäki and would like to thank the entire team for the outstanding cooperation.


52meters height
1104meters track length
106km/h maximum speed



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