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    Taron – The Multiple Record-Breaking Coaster at Phantasialand

    Be ready for the amazing new Roller Coaster at Phantasialand in Brühl/Germany.  On June 30th, the famous theme park opened a new, heavily themed area named ‘KLUGHEIM’. The key attraction is ‘TARON’, Intamin’s new LSM Multi Launch Coaster, breaking 4 records worldwide. 

    Phantasialand ever since is focusing on offering to its guests the absolute best in technology, innovation and storytelling/theming. After the success of ‘CHIAPAS – DIE WASSERBAHN’, the Intamin supplied Flume Ride with backwards drop, which opened two years ago, Phantasialand again contacted Intamin and asked for our contribution, this time for a most spectacular launch coaster.  

    Phantasialand’s project team had already a pretty clear picture of what they wanted before they contacted Intamin. And with our knowledge and expertise, we helped to bring all the great ideas to reality. All the elements, the design and, as Phantasialand describes it, “this huge labyrinthine ‘knot of tracks’”, were specifically developed according to the park’s requirements and needs. With the considerably long track, the two launches and all the different elements this layout is featuring, it is still hard to imagine that all this was executed on such a small footprint. TARON is full of surprises and riders will not have time to take their breath.  With this unique layout, the track crosses an unbelievable 116 times, which is a World record for any coaster. TARON holds a total of 4 World Records. Besides being the fastest multi launch coaster in the world, having the fastest catapult drive (LSM) in the world, it is also the longest multi launch coaster of its kind in the world and the number of intersections is breaking any record.  

    Another major innovation and also most important factor of TARON’s success is Intamin’s newly developed train for this LSM Multi Launch Coaster. Like for the layout, Phantasialand had a very clear idea of the look and especially the features of the train and consequently seats. One of the most important requirements were highest passenger comfort and this for all body sizes, a high degree of freedom and with this no shoulder restraint, an elevated seating position so that riders cannot touch the floor thus increasing the feeling of flying, and no bar or other form of obstacle between the seats in each row (also to allow for an easier and quicker loading/unloading). With the newly designed trains Intamin is proud to having fulfilled all those requirements. 

    As for the layout, the journey begins at the station where riders board the 16 passenger train. After a short dark section, the train reaches the launch. Once the train comes to a stop – again, another requirement of Phantasialand was a launch from standing position rather than a boost only – the train is launched from a standing still position to a breathtaking speed by means of Intamin’s LSM drive system, which is the most powerful available on the market. The riders go over a number of humps and hills, through S-curves, high banked curves and tunnels, before the train is boosted on the 2nd launch to reach its top speed. What follows is the spectacular combination of many near miss elements, additional air time and all this at a real fast pace. Shortly before the end, the train is decelerated by eddy current (i.e. magnetic) brakes making the stop as smooth as the whole ride.  

    This LSM Multi Launch Coaster features no inversions, which for this particular layout is definitely not needed considering the catapult start and with the number of airtime hills and humps, the many changes of direction and near misses guarantee more than enough adrenaline. 

    Intamin is proud to having completed another project with Phantasialand, having had the chance to contribute to the success of KLUGHEIM and thanks the entire Phantasialand team for the excellent and especially fruitful cooperation.

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