Tigeren - Gyro Swing

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Tigeren – Djurs Sommerland, Denmark

Djurs Sommerland just announced their new highlight for the 2019 season. TIGEREN – Denmark’s biggest (and one of Europe’s highest) GYRO SWING, which at the same time will be the park’s fastest and tallest ride.

Intamin’s GYRO SWING reaches a top speed of 100 km/h and combined with a comfortable rotation speed of the gondola, the swinging pendulum of TIGEREN will whisk guests up to 45 meters up in the air. Most important of all is the suspended seating arrangement for 40 passengers, all facing outward, producing a sensational feeling of flying. As the pendulum passes through the vertical position, the passengers experience the thrill of increased G-forces. Swinging with a 120 degree angle of swing, the sensation of almost complete weightlessness is dazzling any rider daring to try out this hair-raising ride. With a ride duration of 2 minutes and a capacity of up to 900 passengers per hour, this ride makes you hold your breath longer than expected.

Besides the seats and the restraint, which both are guaranteeing highest passenger comfort, andsome other components also the main drive is a new design, already seen on LOKE at Liseberg in Sweden. The direct drive is very powerful and at the same time almost noiseless. Intamin’s GYRO SWING is not only very spectacular, it is probably the most silent round ride of this class and size.

After the great success of the SUSPENDED FAMILY COASTER DRAGE KONGEN, JUVELEN the FAMILY LAUNCH COASTER (opened in 2013) and PIRATEN, Intamin’s MEGA LITE COASTER (opened in 2008), Intamin is honored to supply Djurs Sommerland with another record breaking attraction.


45meters height full swing
120degrees swing angle
100km/h maximum speed
40capacity of gondola

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