Turbo Track - Reverse Free Fall Coaster

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Turbo Track – Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

On March 29th 2017, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi opened the heart-pounding LSM driven REVERSE FREE FALL COASTER named “TURBO TRACK”.

If you ever wondered what it would be like being a Ferrari test driver, Turbo Track has the answer. This attraction gives riders the chance to see the world through the eyes of a Ferrari test driver, creating once again a strong connection with the legendary brand.

After the great success of the two record setting roller coasters, namely FORMULA ROSSA the most spectacular launch coaster in the world (opened in 2010) and FLYING ACES the one-of-a-kind Wing Coaster (opened in 2016), Intamin supplied with TURBO TRACK another exceptional and high-profile roller coaster to the Middle East’s prime theme park.

The world’s first combination of a twin-LSM launch system, combined with a 0-g air-time hill on the acceleration ramp, allows the riders to experience true multi axial Formula One forces impacting on their bodies. Designing this inspiring ride was quite a challenge having to consider existing infrastructure and especially break through the glass funnel in the middle of the park. This breath-taking modification grants TURBO TRACK to accelerate inside and outside of the park.

Having two queue lines, the actual journey starts at the station, where a transfer table running sideways, takes you to the launch of the 166 meter long track. This system allows two vehicles to be operated at the same time. Intamin’s outstanding LSM drive system, which is the most powerful available on the market, catapults the vehicle to a thrilling speed of 102km/h followed by a 64 meters stunning launch up and above the iconic red roof of Yas Island, where once again riders are dazzled by the weightlessness as the vehicle plummets vertically back down. Another unique feature is the TURBO TRACK’s 12-seater vehicle, being the first in the world with front- and rear-facing seats. When choosing the rear-facing seats, passengers get a spectacular view of the glass funnel before dropping back down in to the park.

Intamin is proud of having contributed once again to the success of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and thanks the entire Ferrari World team for the magnificent and prosperous cooperation.


166meters Track length
102km/h maximum Speed
2Zero Gravity Moments
64meters Track height

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