Wave Breaker - Jet Ski Family Launch Coaster

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Wave Breaker – SeaWorld, San Antonio USA

Sea World San Antonio announced the opening of “WAVE BREAKER”, the JET SKI FAMILY LAUNCH COASTER.

The Rescue Coaster aims to replicate the high-stakes experience of animals being rescued at sea. While the ride is the main attraction, the entire experience allows riders to learn more about the SeaWorld’s rescue team and its effort to save animals wounded or in danger.

While queuing up, guests can read stories from some of the more than 30,000 rescues done by the SeaWorld Rescue Team over the past 50 years. Riders will then straddle one of the unique and comfortable jet-ski style trains, each seating 16 passengers in 8 rows of 2. Leaving the station, the jet-ski moves forward to the pre-show, where riders are assigned an animal rescue mission before the ride. After the mission briefing, riders grip the handlebars and prepare to race into action. The first of the two friction wheel launches starts directly over the water, creating the sensation that riders are racing across the park's lake featuring a series of high-speed maneuvers. Each rescue mission takes more than 3 minutes on the 792 meter long track, allowing guests to feel the rush of the waves in this hotly anticipated addition to the park. The second pulse-pounding launch will boost riders to a top speed of 71 km/h, reaching 19 meters with more banked and serpentine turns. Combining the consistent speed and turns throughout the extremely smooth and silent ride track that is 90 percent over the surface of the water, riders get an unparalleled ride experience.

"WAVE BREAKER" is an exciting and novel coaster for families to ride together, and adds to SeaWorld's strong lineup of top-rated coasters," said SeaWorld San Antonio Park President Carl Lum. "But what truly delights me is that this attraction best represents what SeaWorld is all about – it brings together the best of SeaWorld in one thrilling ride, and carries a message that leaves guests feeling inspired." 

Intamin is proud of having contributed to the success of Sea World.


792meters track length
19meters track height
71km/h maximum speed

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