Yukon Quad - ATV Family Launch Coaster

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Yukon Quad – Parc Le Pal, France


At the beginning of April 2018, Parc Le Pal in France started public operation of its biggest attraction ever named “YUKON QUAD”. On this ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) themed FAMILY LAUNCH COASTER, riders are launched into the landscape of northern Canada.

After the pre-show, the door opens to take the ATV into the 1000 meter long “canadian wilderness”. The quads are being launched to reach 65 km/h followed by the first narrow curve taking riders up to the highest point at 12 meters. Quad drivers are at this time feeling accelerations of up to 3 Gs. Going down the hill, the track continues to change directions low on ground, which increases the feeling of speed immensly.

After these thrilling figures, riders are launched very smoothly for the second time to almost 90 km/h. The tight curve after the second launch makes the riders holding on tight to the handlebars while whizzing past trees and rocks. Before being thrown on the last hill and an S-hump, a very narrow curve brings the train to a very smooth brake making the end of the ride really dynamic. After having enjoyed this exceptional adventure of this crazy hike in the canadian north……riders get off with a big, big smile.

Intamin’s Family Launch Coaster, as its name suggests, is a more family oriented, but at the same time still quite thrilling. Using Intamin’s state of the art friction wheel drive system in combination with a unique and highly popular vehicle design, this coaster type has proven to be an exciting variation on Intamin’s family of launch coasters. The upright seating position, in a side by side arrangement with two passengers per vehicle, in combination with the individual lap-bar paired with foamed seats and on top of all this the exciting launch/boost experience, guarantees a safe and unique ride experience combined with a high comfort for passengers.

Intamin is proud of having contributed to the success of Parc Le Pal and would like to thank the entire team for the great cooperation.

1000meters track length
12meters track height
90km/h maximum speed

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